Spacecraft Flight Software

  • Systems Engineering and Architecture

  • Command and Data Handling Systems

    • Command Management

      • Validation, Security, and Logging

      • Scripted, Scheduled, and Event-Driven Commanding

    • Telemetry Management

      • Monitoring and Filtering

    • Inter-Process Communication

    • CCSDS, RMAP, SpaceWire, cPCI, VME

  • State-of-Health Management & Monitoring

    • Task Management

    • Resource Management

    • Fault Detection, Isolation, & Recovery (FDIR)

    • Hardware & Software Watchdog

    • Memory Scrubbing

  • Custom Device Interface Driver/Management

    • Specialized Controllers

      • PIC, 8051, FPGA

    • Data Recorders

    • Vision Systems

  • Time Management

    • Synchronization

    • Time Format Conversion

    • Task Scheduling

  • Start-Up ROM (SuROM) & Boot Code

Spacecraft Program Experience

Some Prior Spacecraft Program Experience of Note

(contact us for a more detailed listing)

Other Embedded Software Experience

  • Development of innovative Peer-to-Peer RF Communication Technologies

  • IoT Device Development Support

    • iOS and Android mobile applications for The Smart ABDO TM by EAACorp

    • Firmware development for The Smart ABDO TM, Car ABDO TM, and Level III Holster ABDO TM by EAACorp

    • Support proof-of-concept and prototype development of patent pending measurement device

  • Concept, Research, and Development of Patient-Centric Medical Sensor System

  • Mobile Device Based Application Development