Remote Intelligent Monitoring System (RIMS)

Remote Intelligent Monitoring System (RIMS)

Remote Intelligent Monitoring System (RIMS) provides a web-centric system for the acquisition, archiving and remote display of telemetry data. Built on top of the SCL Ground command and control system, RIMS provides a view into the real-time and near-real time operations of the SCL database, telemetry decommutation, command execution, and script scheduling.

Tools are in place for remote administration of the RIMS system including management of log files, archive files, and user accounts and privileges. Users are granted access to features of RIMS based on privileges established when the account is created. The RIMS system is designed to run on a standard web-server class computer and service ~50 concurrent users.

RIMS includes a drag and drop editor enabling users to rapidly develop and deploy screens with minimal fielding and support costs. Real-time system data can be displayed using a variety of graphical widgets, such as:

  • Gauges

  • Meters

  • Strip Charts

  • Text Items

  • Time

Color-coded alarms allow the system to draw the operator's attention to anomalous situations.

Command buttons can be added to RIMS displays allowing the operator to send a pre-defined command to the SCL system.

The RIMS system can be tailored by the user to meet corporate and mission branding requirements. Additional capabilities can be added in a seamless manner through the capabilities provided by the SCL Application Programmer's Interface (API).

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